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Keratin Treatment in Secunderabad

Keratin Service in Secunderabad

Keratin treatment is one of the successful services at charms salon with expert analysis and satisfactory results and regular consultation. We provide a wide range of quality and safe hair treatments where no side effects and hair damage can be caused. 

Keratin Treatment in Secunderabad, Hyderabad

Charms salon is situated in the heart of Secunderabad at Patny & Diamond Point locations of Hyderabad, with an impressive ambiance and hygiene place. Professionalism and safety is the key to the success at our salon with professional and trained staff, having experience in Keratin treatment.

S Sampath Kumar is an award-winning hairstylist and beauty expert and the lead instructor at charms. 

Roopa Vidyamari is an professional senior stylist and bridal makeup artist in Hyderabad

Vanitha Kumar was the best associate stylist and leading hair styling artist at charms salon.

Keratin treatment is one of the successful services at charms salon with expert analysis and satisfactory results and regular consultation. We provide a wide range of quality and safe hair treatments where no side effects and hair damage can be caused. Our experts examine the condition of the Hair and work according to the customer’s requirements and comfort.

Benefits of keratin hair treatment in Secunderabad

Keratin is the form of protein that is naturally present in Skin, Hair, and Nails. Most women prefer keratin treatment for their healthy hair. Due to current lifestyle, stress, pollution, and improper maintenance, hair loses protein value. 

Keratin treatment is one of the popular solutions for healthy hair. It is not a process of straightening your curly hair but also adding life to your hair. It can also be said to be a hair restoration process. 

Whether your hair is dry, damaged, or lifeless we prefer keratin treatment as the best solution.

One of the most important benefits of keratin treatment is to reduce the dryness of your hair and you might not feel the hair volume as the treatment makes your hair more sleek and smooth.

At charms, it is an important factor that professional hairstyles will understand the quality and quantity of hair and later advise you for the treatment. 

We always make sure that the treatment will be done by the professionals

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Durability of the Keratin Treatment Service

The Durability of keratin treatment can mostly depend on the quality of the service you take and the care of hair maintained. As long as the keratin treatment is taken it is advised not to wash your hair too frequently 2 to 3 times a week is considerable, which results in the treatment that can last up to 4 to 6 months accordingly. 

Few point to be considered after the keratin treatment in Secunderabad:

  •  Always keep your hair dry.
  •  Not washing your hair regularly after the keratin treatment.
  •  Prefer non sulfate shampoo and conditioner for the hair.
  •  Blow dry hair after working out.

It is also recommended by professionals that take a hair spa once or twice in a month which can help in retaining the shine of your treatment and also it is not prefered to use henna and hair colouring after the treatment which can lead to hair damage and the duration of the keratin treatment. Get a recommendation from the professional keratin hair stylist or salon before planning for hair colour.

Time taken for Keratin Treatment

The process of keratin treatment can depend on the texture of the hair and the length of the hair. The keratin treatment time process can be taken for around 4 – 6 hours. 

But before you plan about the keratin treatment check whether the treatment is suitable for your hair.

According to the professional hairstylist it is mentioned that curly and frizzy hair are suitable for this treatment.

It is also considered that before taking the treatment the hair is examined with the professional staff expert in keratin treatment. The stylist is able to ensure the best formula suited for your hair. Most of the time is taken depending on the length of the hair as long hair with damage will be shaped and maintained properly which takes a long time. After the keratin treatment it is suggested to have a hair spa after 2-3 day of the treatment. For better healthy hair.

Cost of Keratin Treatment in Secunderabad - Charms Salon

The cost of the keratin treatment can be dependent upon the service and salon we are availing. 

Compared to the last few years, keratin hair treatment has become expensive. 

The cost of the keratin treatment can range from 3,000rs to 10,000rs depending on the texture, longnes of the hair and quality of the products used for the keratin treatment. And the important factor is that the treatment is not the same at all salons.

Why Keratin Treatment in Secunderabad - Charms Salon

Charms salon made a remarkable brand name for the salon services in hyderabad. With 30 years of experience in the salon industry, maintained by professional and skilled staff and a training centre.

Keratin treatment is a long and complicated process. From professional trained staff to the quality of the products used, every point matters. Few salons offer keratin treatment cheaper compared to the market, because the quality of Products and the equipment which are outdated can damage your hair and also those who are not well trained for keratin treatment. Which can harm the hair quality.

We at charms always make sure that the quality and the service we provide are always eco-friendly and not harmful to the client who is taking the service.

Our professional keratin treatment staff are always ready to understand your hair and make your appearance attractive.

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Other Important FAQs for Keratin Hair Treatment Service in Secunderabad at Charms Salon:

What is the price for keratin treatment in Hyderabad?

The price of the keratin treatment can be different from one to another depending upon the texture of the hair and the length of the hair. In Secunderabad the cost can be from 3000 – 9000 rs only.

Is keratin treatment good for hair?

Hair with dryness and damage, it is recommended that keratin treatment is the only suggestion to make your hair healthy.

Can keratin cause hair loss?

The treatment itself mentions repairing the hair and making your dry and curly hair healthy. A proper keratin salon with the best service will guarantee you healthy hair.

Is there any age limit for keratin treatment?

Normally it is mentioned that the age for the keratin treatment can be considered above 18 years old which can be suggested by the salon staff and the quality of the hair

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