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Airbrush Makeup Service

Air brush makeup service in Secunderabad

Charms salons provide air brush makeup also. Women of all ages love this and avail of this service most frequently . It is a great way to express your personality. We will be discussing a countless range of airbrush makeup available today in Secunderabad.

Airbrush makeup is the modern way of doing makeup with the help of a sprayer which gives you a good natural look with the help of makeup. This AirBrush makeup assures no touch-up for the whole day once applied in the proper way. 

Process of AirBrush Makeup Service

The process of airbrushing is very different from the traditional way of makeup as this uses the sprayer to spread the foundation across the skin instead of using any sponges, fingers, or ordinary brushes. The actual device which is used in this makeup is a tube which is with a compressor-grade medical tube that has a nozzle and controlled airflow.

This makeup starts only after applying good quality primer and the application of foundation needs to be kept by the nozzle and at least six inches away from the face. Apply a sprayer in the areas to hide the spots and dry skin.

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Skin type which is suitable for AirBrush

This modern way of makeup is very flexible and can be used for all skin types. The products used in this are made for every skin type. Women with dry skin usually should avoid this, as this makeup makes the skin dry. But if women are interested in this, they can do this makeup by taking proper skin care.

Suitable Occasions For Airbrush Makeup:

AirBrush makeup for Parties:

 It’s very lightweight, natural-looking, and has long-lasting makeup. Different airbrush makeup packages include bridal airbrush makeup,pre-bridal airbrush makeup, and party airbrush makeup.

Airbrush makeup for events:

Airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the skin through the airbrush machine. And this airbrush makeup is used for events like weddings, receptions, and other events and it only takes 5 minutes to get ready for any event.

Airbrush makeup for photoshoots: 

Most people use airbrush makeup for photoshoots because they want to have a natural look compared to heavy makeup. Well, they are two types of airbrush makeup like water-based makeup and silicone-based makeup.


Cost Of Airbrush makeup in Charms Salon - Secunderabad:

Airbrush pricing is usually more than any other makeup type as it includes different devices and gives a proper modern makeup look. The pricing usually begins from Rs 15,000/- further details will be given once you contact the salon.

Detailed Pricing of Airbrush makeup

Charms Salon: 

Service Name

Price in Patny Branch

Price in Diamond Point

Air Brush Makeup For Men

5,000 INR onwards

5,000 INR onwards

Air Brush Makeup For Women

8,000 INR onwards

8000, INR Onwards

Why Charms For Air Brush?

AirBrush makeup is usually not available in all the salons and Charms salon here provides the best AirBrush at affordable prices. Charms salon is inexpensive when compared with any other salon in the city. The service which is provided by us is quite friendly which every customer wishes to get. Book now and get an appointment to experience this service !

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Other FAQS about Air brush makeup

*How long does the airbrush makeup last?
Airbrush makeup can last for 12 hours and some applications can last even longer.

*Is airbrush makeup safe for the skin?
Yes, water-based airbrush makeup is safe for the skin.

*what is the purpose of airbrush makeup?
The purpose of airbrush makeup is that gives the skin smooth and natural finish makeup that hides imperfections.

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