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Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup Service in Secunderabad

Charms Salon with an esteemed history of 3 decades in the bridal makeup industry, we cover good old vintage bridal makeup themes along with trending western styles. Our makeup artists have mastered the concepts of Air brush, Nude makeup, natural makeup and many more styles.  We have branches in Patny & Diamond Point.

List of Bridal Makeup Services in Secunderabad at Charms Salon:-

Bridal makeup is one of the most essential parts of a wedding in every part of the country. Shaping the perfect look for a wedding is the first precedence. There are many top fashion and makeup professional artists who are trained for this work.

The bridal makeup service can be included  in many works and many ways. It can be for the groom and bride . Here in Charms salon  the bridal makeup service is the one of the most popular with professional bridal makeup staff.

We offer various Bridal makeup services near Patny and Diamond Point in Secunderabad.

Here is the list of Bridal makeup:

  • Bridal Consultation
  • Hair Styling With Professionals
  • Instant Care Spa
  • Instant Sheen Facial
  • Flavoured Waxing
  • Threading (Eye Brows)
  • De Tanning The Full Body’
  • Aroma Manicure
  • Aroma Pedicure

These are the few Bridal makeup services at charms salons near Patny and Diamond Point in Secunderabad

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Bridal Makeup Artists in Secunderabad At Charms:-

Bridal makeup service is the most important part in every wedding which makes the groom and bride look good. The professional artists of Charms Salon can make many changes in the appearance and increase the beauty of the couple.

We are not only famous for makeup but are also experts in styling , jewellery arranging, costume designing, and many more.

Charms salon in Secunderabad provides exceptional services of bridal makeup. And also our staff are always upgrading with new technology with modern styling and trends.

We make sure that we provide the best result with satisfied customers.

MR. S Narayana of Charms Salon was one of the most experienced hairdressers with 30years of experience in the salon industry and also awarded with Samaj ratan for his work.

Currently MR. S Sampath kumar, an award winning hairstylist and beauty expert is also professional in bridal make service.

Roopa Vidyamari and Vanitha Kumar are our professional senior stylists and bridal makeup artists in the entire Hyderabad.

We are lucky to have them at Charms Salon.

Roopa Vidyamari

Sampath Kumar - Celebrity Bridal Makeup Artist in Hyderabad

Sampath Kumar

Vanitha Kumar - Makeup Artist in Secunderabad


Events Covered under Bridal Makeup & Services in Secunderabad at Charms Salon :-

Weddings are the most important part of every person in their life. It is all about loving, caring, beautiful dresses, memories and perfect appearance. From the invitations for food, dressing and planning the event. In every marriage, bridal makeup service is the important aspect which needs to be at its best. From the starting day to the last day, bridal makeup is important for better apperence. There are some important events in which the bridal makeup service is important:

  • Trial day
  • Pre Wedding
  • Roka ceremony
  • Mehendi ceremony
  • Sangeet ceremony
  • Tilak/sagan ceremony
  • Haldi ceremony
  • Bachelor party.
  • PreBridal
  • Bridal
  • Post Wedding Ceremonies

Bridal Makeup Services - Packages Of Indian, Western & Ethnic Style

As bridal makeup is important in every wedding event. The cost of the service can be different from one to another depending on the package and requirement.

There are different types of packages according to Indian, western and ethnic style with the level of professionality.

Mostly the bridal makeup packages in secunderabad includes

  • Pre wedding packages
  • Bridal packages
  • sangeeth /party/functions
  • Hairstyling
  • Saree draping and many more

Special bridal packages in Secunderabad, Patny at Charms Salon:

Our bridal makeup packages in secunderabad are so affordable, that anyone could fit it in their wedding budget. Check out the page for more information about Charms Salon Bridal Packages.











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Special bridal packages in Secunderabad, Diamond Point at Charms Salon:











*Above bridal packages include Makeup, Hair Styling, Mehindi, Saree Draping among others. The actual price may vary as the above figures are just for reference.

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Other Important FAQs for Bridal Makeup Service in Secunderabad at Charms Salon:

How much time will it take for bridal makeup?

The time taken for  bridal makeup can depend on the level of speed and professionality. Most of the professionals make it upto 1hr. But if the bride and groom want more service for the better appearance it can take more time than regular.

How much does the professional makeup artist charge?

The makeup artist charges can depend on the service we demand and also it will depend on the area and the city we are in. Normally the professional makeup artist charges up to the range of ₹10,000 – ₹30,000 accordingly.

Is that bridal makeup service available at the doorstep or home ?

Yes most of the people prefer home service or the location. As professional are always ready to start the any place but for the home service many professional prefer to make a appointment for booking the slot

What are the working days for these services ?

There is no particular wording day for bridal makeup service, but most of the salons prefer as non working day on Tuesdays. But if we fix an appointment for home makeup service the staff are arranged accordingly.

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