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Makeup Academy in Secunderabad, Hyderabad

Join the best hair styling academy in Secunderabad and kickstart your career in the Salon industry. Situated close to Hyderabad, we have a history of 20 years. 

In this page, lets go through the different courses we offer, the pricing of the courses, and how you can benefit out of the course. 

Hair styling courses has shown a steep growth since the rise of ‘At Home’ service and even rise of footfalls at salon category. As a beginner in the industry, you’re biggest challenge would be finding the right academy and that’s where you must do your cross-checking properly. 

Charms Academy offers different courses for the same industry, if you’re clear about what course to opt for, move to next section. Otherwise, we highly suggest you to speak to a professional at Charms Academy (for free) to help decide the suitable course. 

Types of Makeup Courses Offered:

Makeup Course in Secunderabad

The first course that we offer are mainly for beginners to quickly want to start their career. It falls in the basic category of the course but ofcourse, it benefits people who are facing budgetary limitations. 

Basic Makeup Course Includes: 

In our Basic Makeup Course, you will learn the fundamental techniques and principles of Makeup. From mastering essential makeup tools to creating classic makeup, you’ll gain the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to create stunning looks.

  • Facial and Skin Anatomy
  • Skin Preparation
  • Light Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Single Eye Shadow
Bridal Makeup Services in Secunderabad - Patny - Diamond Point - Affordable Cost

Duration & Fees of Makeup Course

Basic Hairstyling Course

Duration Of The Course

Fees Of the Course

Regular Batch

30 Days

45,000 INR

Weekend Batch  

Please note that the above mentioned details may get changed, to get exact details, its highly suggested to connect via call or whatsApp. 


Advance Makeup Course in Secunderabad

The advanced course is for the people who have the basic knowledge of ‘how to hold scissors’ and may be a bit of an ‘in-salon experience’ of handling clients. This course teaches a bit more styles and even the duration is slightly higher and of course the fees.

What’s Included in Advanced Makeup Course: 

In the Advanced Makeup Course, we delve deeper into the world of creative makeup. 

This course is designed for individuals who are serious about pursuing a career in the makeup industry or for experienced stylists looking to expand their repertoire. 

You’ll explore advanced techniques, intricate updos, and innovative makeup methods that will set you apart in the industry.

  • Bridal Makeup
  • Eye Makeup
  • HD Makeup
  • Correctors
  • Cuttings


  • Hot rollers
  • Braiding Techniques
  • Beach waves
  • Styling With Braids
  • Peeling Styling
  • Open Variations
  • Waves
  • Adding Hair Extensions
  • Front Variations
  • Western styles
  • Sari Draping 
  • Pleating 
  • Pin up 

Duration & Fees of Advance Makeup Course

Advanced Makeup CourseDuration Of The Course

Fees Of the Course

Regular Batch45 Days 

60,000 INR

Weekend Batch  


Please note that the above mentioned details may get changed, to get exact details, its highly suggested to connect via call or whatsApp. 


Trainer Of Charms Beauty Academy in Secunderabad:

Sampath Kumar - Best Hairstylist at Charms Academy of Hair - Secunderabad

S Sampath Kumar
Assessor to Skill India Program
National Award Winning Hairstylist

Sampath Kumar is a celebrity hair stylist who worked with many famous personalities like Aamir Khan, Allu Arjun, Rakul Preet etc.

His track record of teaching students has been impeccable. Under his mentorship, more than 1000 students are now working in different countries.

Other important FAQs Related To Hair Styling Academy in Secunderbad

Which course is best for hair stylist?

The Advanced Hair Styling Course is best for aspiring hair stylists looking to excel.

How can I become a hair stylist in India?

To become a hair stylist in India, you should enroll in a reputable hair styling academy and complete their training program.

What is the top salary for a hair stylist?

The top salary for a hair stylist in India varies but can range from 2.5 to 4 lakh INR per year.

What is the fees of hair stylist course in India?

The fees for a hair stylist course in India depend on the academy, but it typically ranges from 20,000 to 1 lakh INR.

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