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Makeup Services in Secunderabad

Makeup Services in Secunderabad

Whatever be the situation a good makeup will always fix your mood. Makeup can be done by anyone but it is necessary to find the right one according to different skin tone and we here provide the best makeup according to skin tones and for different occasions. All various services in regards with makeups are available in our salon in your nearby areas of secunderabad.

Types of Makeup:

When it comes to makeup there is a whole wide range of types you will find for different occasions and events.

  • Nude makeup: Nude makeup is everywhere. People are looking for subtle touch of makeup for them to get the natural glowing look and nude is the right one to choose for such
  • Matt makeup: The one which is preferred by the models to get the “no makeup look”. This will give you makeup which does not bulge and gives a seamless finish.
  • HD makeup: This is the actual makeup which covers up all the dark circles, large pore and uneven tone and gives you the full HD makeup glow which you are looking for.
  • Editorial makeup: The makeup which gives a wild look on the magazines and newspaper. These types of makeup define the meaning and reasoning of the story on look which they work on creating.
  • Dewy Makeup: This dewy makeup works on giving you a fresh youthful look on your face. Dewy makeups are usually adapted by celebs to get the overall fresh and appealing look.
  • Airbrush: the modern makeup which is usually preferred by many people which gives the subtle makeup look you are looking for.

Occasions of Makeup Services

You don’t need a specific occasion to do makeup, but you surely need a professional when you are actually attending an event or occasions. There are many occasions services which we provide when it comes to giving you the perfect look according to occasions. Such as,


  • Wedding: When doing the bridal makeup or giving a wedding look this is the very common reason for you to get professional touch in your makeup. We provide the best blend of makeup according to your choices and preferences which would go best with your skin tones.
  • Birthdays: attending birthday parties is quite an event to get ready with the best makeup possible. We here provide the best birthday look which you would be looking for.
  • Engagements: the perfect engagement look is also available and the good makeup is done.
  • Family Gatherings: family gathering events also need the subtle touch of makeup whichever you prefer matt or nude makeup and give you the best appealing look.
  • Baby showers and many more: there are many undefined occasions which come across your schedules and need good makeup and here we are ready to deliver whichever makeup needed for any event. Reach out for more details.

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Process of Makeup Services:

Makeups are done in various ways according to the professionalist and according to which type of makeup is needed. The basics needed in makeup starts off with moisturiser, primer and foundation followed by all different  things  which go according to the event and your costume and ends with fitting spray. However, every process can not be defined as it differs accordingly. You can contact us to get the further details of the makeup services and its process.


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Pricing of Different Makeups


Makeup type



Rs 12,000/-


Rs 9,000/-


Rs 10,000/-


Rs 15,000/-

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